HH Brahmeshanand Swamiji with Sheikh Mohammed Al Zarooni at Royal Palace, Dubai

Will work for the youths of Dubai: Brahmeshanand Swami

Al Zarooni Foundation working to resolve the problems arising from Addiction and Drug abuse in the youths of Dubai urged Sadguru Foundation of Tapobhumi to participate in the cause and help the youths of Dubai on Wednesday, during the Brahmeshanand Swami visit to the Sheikh Suhali Mohammed Al Zarooni at Jumeirah Royal Palace in Dubai.
There is rise in the addiction and drug abuse in the youths of Dubai recently and people are worried about future of the generation, as they hold the future of the Country too, expressed Sheikh Suhali Mohammed Al Zarooni in the meeting with Brahmeshanand Swami. He further said that, considering the seriousness of the issue and brings some positive changes in the youths, guidance of the Tapobhumi is required, urged Sheikh Suhali Mohammed Al Zarooni.
With knowledge of Adhatma, imparting knowledge of Indian Culture is also very important in the youths of Dubai, which can give direction to their lives. Along with that teachings of Yoga can change their view towards life. Tapobhumi contribute that much for the youths of Dubai it can benefit the society at large, expressed Al Zarooni.
Brahmeshanand Swami stated that, Tapobhumi is on mission for spreading peace and togetherness. So in every aspect, Tapobhumi will help youths of Dubai. Considering that Sadguru Foundation will start work in the Dubai in coming days. Foundation will take up various activities based on the Indian culture.
If Al Zarooni Foundation works in collaboration with Sadguru Foundation of Tapobhumi, issue pertaining to the addiction and drug abuse in youths of Dubai will be resolved very soon, expressed Brahmeshanand Swami.
Along with this, Brahmeshanand Swami and Sheikh Mohammed Al Zarooni had discussion of various issue. Al Zarooni stressed especially on knowing about the Astrology, Sanskrit, Yoga and Gurukul teaching method in Tapobhumi.

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