Kumbh Bharat Contemplation Conference

Kumbh Bhaarat Contemplation conference was held  at Tirth Kshetra Prayag at Professor Pritam Das Auditorium, Motilal Nehru Medical Collage Allahabad. In this conference started from July 27, 2018 experts from India and across the globe were invited to discuss on the topics like plan of Allahabad city museum, Government Public Kumbh organisation with regards to Kumbh Mela, moral and spiritual aspects and historical background of ” Kumbh”, rural financial arrangement, farming.

The founder of Arsh Vidjyamandir  Acharya P.P Parmanandji said “Our religion  is Vedic sanatan Dahrma”  which thinks of well being of all living beings in this  universe.” Professor Shri D. P. Dubey , society  of pilgrimage study, Chief secretary Shri  Sanjiv Sanyaal, Chief financial advisor Professor Shrimati Sullana Singh, Chancellor of Nalanda University  Dr. Bhagwan Saran Shukla, vedic scholar and Professor of Banaras Hindu University Dr  Sunil Gupta, Director of Allahabad Museum Dr Mehboob Alam, Chief of University branch, Independent University of  Bangladesh, Dakka, H.H. Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji alongwith Dharmadhikari Vedmurti Siddesh of Tapobhumi were also present on the occasion.

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