Internation Sadguru Gurukulam

International Sadguru Gurukulam Goa

International Sadguru Gurukulam (ISG)

Considering the modern era and the need to bring back quality education, Satguru Foundation’s sister concern of  Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth started the residential school “International Sadguru Gurukulam” based on the most effective Gurukul education system, in the year 2018 at Kundaim, Ponda Goa.

Why International Sadguru Gurukulam ?

The generation today is much more preoccupied with the modern lifestyle and their career-related vying. Our culture and traditions hold less significance to them. Parents often realize the depth of the situation but tend to overlook it as they find no cure. Every parent is liable to make his child strong enough to survive in this fast-moving modern world, yet reviving Vedic and most ancient Indian culture into them. H.H. Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji envisioned the forthcoming situation where the gene of moral conscience and ethical values would no more be expressed in the future generation and International Sadguru Gurukulam was found to be the ultimate cure to it keeping in mind the all-round development of the child. This formed the baseline behind the birth of this educational institution by Satguru Foundation.

Education System at ISG:

International Sadguru Gurukulam is the only residential school in Goa to give modern education based on the foundation of Gurukul. This educational programme extends learning beyond academics to the social, ethical, physical, creative, and emotional development of every child. We also aim to engrave leadership qualities and humanitarian sciences, vigilance towards social issues and patriotism at large. Gayatri Upasana being taught to the students help them increase their grasping power. After-school hours are used for learning with academic support from teachers on the campus. To ensure physical fitness and mental wellness, various Yoga classes, sports activities are conducted for students.

Along with this, special physical education classes are designed. Students are given individual attention and counselling. Similarly, orientation programmes for students, teachers and parents are held periodically. This ensures that the students are on place to meet the goals in academic and co-curricular activities. Students also get to interact with Vedic scholars, seek divine guidance and blessings from great spiritual leaders across the globe.

Activities at ISG:

We ensure that the students enjoy learning and as they learn their skills are fine-tuned to excel in future.

·         Field Trips – Field trips are organized to places like villages to study traditional lifestyles, various Goan heritage sites.

Innovative Ways of Learning Science – The scientific lessons are delivered to the students through practical experiments starting from the basic concepts. Students learn and then present their understanding through the demonstrations during the science exhibitions conducted in the school.

·         Sports (Indoor & Outdoor) – Sports activities are conducted to keep their body and mind in active state. Coaching is provided for sports such as volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, badminton as well as Indian sports such as kho kho, kabaddi and indoor games like Chess, Carom.

·         Yoga – Yoga being of utmost importance for physical and mental balance is being taught through regular yoga sessions. This ensures the students improve upon the stability of mind, concentration, control over the senses etc.

·         Art & Craft – Special art sessions are conducted where students get to express their ideas and thoughts in art form. This activity nurtures the creativity of each student.

·         Event Management – Various patriotic, cultural programmes are organized, through these programmes students are trained to do proper planning and execution of these events. This activity also ensures that apt decision making becomes a part of their life.

·         Music & Dance – The different forms of Indian Music and Dance forms refresh the mind. Also, students get to learn lessons about playing different musical instruments

·         Environmental Awareness – Environmental activities like tree plantation drive around the school campus and reduce-reuse-recycle concept imbibes the thought of Nature conservation in students.

·         Social Awareness  – Debates, Brainstorming sessions and group discussions are conducted focusing on the current social issues touching the educational, economic, political aspects of the society. This activity also nurtures the public speaking skills of the students.

It is the second home for the child

The residential school offers a healthy environment where each child is taken care of. It has all the provisions necessary to make the child feel at home. Best health care facilities are provided to ensure the safety of the child. There is a full-time (24/7) doctor-on-call facility, trained and qualified wardens/hostel superintendents.