Beauty and Health Olympics in South Korea

“Beauty and health require a holistic approach that includes the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. India’s ancient science and knowledge is a gift to the entire universe to promote holistic health and well-being. Relations and cooperation between India and Korea will definitely be encouraged in this field.” Such an exhortation was given by the Internation spiritual leader, Padma shri awardee Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji.

In South Korea, Pujya Swamiji was invited as the Chief Dignitary at the opening ceremony of the historic event International Beauty and Health Olympics 2023 by the Korean Beauty and Health General Union Organization, where Pujya Swamiji addressed the event.

Meanwhile, Pujya Swamiji’s presence in this program was important in promoting India’s spiritual and cultural heritage globally. As a spiritual leader, Pujya Swamiji represented India.presence of Pujya Swamiji was an important evidence that to promote welfare and health, spirituality is vital.

Many renowned beauty and health professionals from different countries participated in this Olympics. In the Indian delegation Adv. Brahmideviji – President Satguru Foundation and Dr. Gopal Ji – President Global Yoga Alliance were present.

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