Vedic Gurukulam

Gurukul – The most powerful result oriented Indian Educational System


Aims at:

The Vedic Gurukul aims at giving the greatest knowledge of all four Vedas to the students to train them to live life with Vedic Cultural values, to serve the society as a part of service to the motherland.


Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth has started the Gurukul system of education in Goa at Shree Kshetra Tapobhoomi. This is the only Gurukul in Goa where all 4 vedas “Yajurveda” , “Rigveda”, “Atharvaveda”, ”Saamaveda” are being taught. The Tapobhoomi Gurukul runs under Swami Brahmanand Vedick Gurukul and Research institute. Currently more than 50 plus students referred to as “batu” are taking the Vedic knowledge from their Gurus (teachers) by staying in the Ashram.

Since Vedic times, the Gurukul system has proved it’s importance. Gurukul is the place where students study Vedas under the guidance of Guru, receive the divine spiritual knowledge from ‘Sadguruji” for more than 12 years. The Gurukul inculcates the bond of love and togetherness among the students.

The student(batu) is enrolled in the Gurukul through the auspicious Tread ceremony. In the ashram batu has to follow the vedic routine: early morning prayers, Yoga, meditation, Sandhya – worshipping the Sun God three times a day, vedik course classes, learning Indian sciences, outdoor sports, evening prayers in the temple etc. As a part of the course they are also taken on educational trips, they study the society and people therein so as to spread the Vedic knowledge to the masses. Batus are also given an opportunity to present their qualities nationally and internationally. After completion of the vedic course they get a chance to choose professional courses. With the divine guidance of “Sadguruji” they develop into Vedik Scholar and are known as Shastri or Upadhyay who can further pass on the vedic knowledge to the next generation.

Recently there has been strong demand for Vedik Scholars in India and abroad. Residents of China, Dubai, Italy have shown interest in starting Gurukul System in their countries so as to guide the next generation on the righteous path.

Who can enroll?

Any student above the age of 6 years can be enrolled irrespective of caste, creed or race.