Vote upon those who uphold national interest, welfare of the people, and preservation of our rich culture: Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya

An appeal to all Goans ahead of the Lok Sabha elections

As privileged citizens of the prosperous nation, we are constitutionally endowed with the inalienable right to vote, a privilege we must collectively exercise. Let us confer the mantle of leadership upon those who strive for the nation’s advancement, uphold public welfare, nurture Dharma, and preserve our cultural heritage. India being our beloved motherland, it is incumbent upon us to make a judicious choice at the ballot reflecting our profound concern for the nation’s wellbeing. With the Lok Sabha elections in Goa slated for the 7th of May, it is imperative that every citizen present themselves at the polling booths to cast their vote, thereby voicing their aspiration for a progressive and developed nation through the democratic process. This sacred land was bestowed with its sublime culture by Prabhu Shree Ram and enlightened by Jagadguru Shree Krishna’s profound wisdom. Let us, therefore, collectively endeavor to uphold the sanctity of this Ram-Krishna bhoomi. All Goan residents are urged to proactively participate in exercising their franchise, guided by the imperative of national interest, and elect a leader committed to public welfare”

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