Shravani Vidhi – 2019

The one of its kind “Shravani” – The biggest Hindu gathering in Goa was held under the divine guidance of H.H. Sadguruji at Tapobhoomi Goa. On this auspicious day of the Hindu calendar with Shravani Nakshatra of Shravan month the divine sacred thread- Yadnyopavi was donned by thousands of followers of Sanatan Vaidik Dharma. The Yadnyopavit signifies the chord of intellectual development. The vidhi was performed under the divine guidance of H.H. Sadguruji. Pourohitya of this Shravani Vidhi was led by Mahila Purohit of Tapobhoomi. This is the most prominent ritual of Hinduism displaying the rich cultural heritage celebrated in Goa. This gathering was witnessed by followers of Sanatan Dharma from India and abroad.

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