Study of Ancient Indian Scriptures and Astrology is essential: Sadguru Brahmeshanand Acharya

Hindus should be able to read and understand Panchang (Hindu calendar), addressed Padma Shree Sadguru Brahmeshwaranand Acharya Swamiji, the Peethadheeshwar of Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth. Delivering Hindu New Year’s blessings, Swamiji said, “Due to invasions by Westerners, our way of life has been altered. It’s time for us to gradually resume learning our ancient scriptures and sciences. Let’s use this New Year to purify our hearts and practice our dharma. Panchang is a form of astrology based on observation. An insightful person can immediately make predictions. Panchang is about making predictions, calculations, and gaining understanding. It’s a subject worth studying, just like astrology.”

Swamiji was guiding shishyas at the Gudi Padwa celebration that was organized to mark the beginning of the new year, named “Krodhinaam,” at Shree Kshetra Tapobhoomi.

The ceremony concluded with Dwaja ( Gudi) poojan and hoisting the Gudi, Sadguru poojan, Panchang recitation followed by blessings from Sadguru ji, aarti, darshan, consumption of neem leaves tirth, and mahaprasad.

Adv Brahmi Devi, the Board of Directors, and the disciples were present at the ceremony.

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