His Holiness Sadgurudev Brahmeshanandacharya Acharya Swamiji’s message on the occasion of Makar Sankranti

Surya (Sun) is considered a symbol of brilliance. Surya is the companion of all as he continues to work unceasingly. Your friend is the one who works hard. So we should be our own friend. Everyone values ​​this sun as it continues to work incessantly. Makar Sankranti festival conveys the message of living a bright life. By doing sadhana given by Guru to everyone, the life of man becomes bright. Capricorn (Makar) performs good deeds on Sankranti to achieve a bright life.

During the transition, if one bathes in the sea, or river, bathes with mantras, and performs Abhishek, it affects ones mind and the person starts to become positive. So make a good resolution during this transition period. Because success is going to happen now. Now the good works have started. So resolve to work for God, country, and religion during Makar Sankranti. If we think of others, the country and the religion will persist.

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