Shree Datta Jayanti 2019

Shree Datta Jayanti is celebrated as the auspicious Datta Janmotsav on the Pournima tithi of Margasheersh Month. Dattajayanti was celebrated in the divine presence of Peethadhishawar H.H. Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji at Tapobhoomi Goa by performing Shree Datta Mahayag vy Vedic scholars of the Tapobhoomi Gurukul & Rajopachar Mahapooja.

A very unique Pooja wherein different skills like arts, dance, music etc were offered to Lord Dattatreya. This was a very special celebration wherein devotees from Goa and neighbouring states came together to offer their talent, skills at the lotus feet of H.H. Sadguruji.

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