Educational Project Model


Considering the modern era and the need to bring back the quality education Satguru Foundation has started the
residential school “International Sadguru Gurukulam” based on the most effective Gurukul education system.
It is no secret that good education has the power to change a life.


International Sadguru Gurukulam is a residential school with the means of spreading knowledge and wisdom comprising of rich vedic cultural knowledge. It resides on the concept of ancient Master-Disciple lineage.


Goals & Objectives

  • To establish a one of its kind Public School based on Indian cultural and Gururkul ethos.
  • To impart academic education with the moral conscience and ethical values to the children in the rural areas.
  • To promote Vedic education as a core component of overall learning and individual growth
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills in various

Academics Curriculum :

Primary School
The childhood begins with curiosity and lots of energy. A primary school is the centre that chanelizes this
energy in the right direction and is an answer to all these curious minds. The objectives of primary education are different from those in the middle stage of education. International Sadguru Gurukulam creates a safe and healthy
atmosphere for all the children and is an assurance to the parents of their child being in safe hands.

Middle School
The middle school phase of the child is where they wish to imbibe more knowledge in order to facilitate
better learning. International Sadguru Gurukulam ensures that students choose the correct way of learning with

Secondary School
The Middle Years are a challenging time of transition for lemurs as they move from childhood to adolescence. This is a crucial period of personal, social, physical and intellectual growth, of uncertainty and questioning. Through the Middle Years Programme, designed for students aged 11 to 16, teachers extend the academic teaching by helping students develop critical thinking, solve real-life problems, develop knowledge of local and global issues, communicate ideas, engage in public debate and express creativity through action.

Beyond Academics Curriculum

  • Field Trips: Field trips are organized to places like villages to study traditional lifestyles, various Goan heritage sites.
  • Innovative Ways of Learning Science: Trips to Goa Science Center, National Science labs like ICAR, NIO, NCPOR are held to provide better understanding.
  • Sports: Sports activities are conducted to keep their body and mind in active state.
  • Yoga: The students are trained in performing asanas to provide them an opportunity at various National and International Yoga Championships.
  • Art & Craft: Special art sessions are conducted where students get to express their ideas and thoughts in art form.
  • Social Awareness: Debates, Brainstorming sessions and group discussions are conducted focusing on the current social issues touching the educational, economical, political aspects of the society.
  • Environmental Awareness: Environmental activities like tree plantation drive around the school campus and reduce-reuse-recycle concept at International Sadguru Gurukulam imbibes the thought of Nature conservation in students.

Benefits of the Project

We, Non-Profit Organisation will be starting the residential schools in 100 zones
across Goa including the remote rural areas.

  • These International Sadguru Gurukulam residential schools will set a trend of value added education to the upcoming generation.
  • This will be “Swadeshi” model of education which will provide basic schooling followed by specialisation in higher studies.
  • The teacher to student ratio will be 1:30
  • Along with the academics, the school will focus on identifying the talents within the students and shape their future accordingly through various activities conducted beyond academics

Beneficiaries of the proposed Project

The project chiefly targets unprivileged sectors children across Goa who are deprived of the right to have basic education. This project is intended to reach out to the children who are sedentary and are in necessity,
precisely girl child. The proposed project intends to provide educational opportunities to more than 1000 girl
children from the families with deprived financial upbringing. Nearly 10,000 children belonging to the retrograde classes or low income families will be the direct beneficiaries of the Project.


There are over 50 Sanskrit Pathshalas running successfully in different parts of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka with enthusiasm and grace, imparting the knowledge of Sanskrit to over 30,000 students. We conduct diploma & degree courses (Graduation, Post graduation) in Sanskrit and in Jyotish and Shree BrahmanandYogAnusandhanSamiti conducts diploma & degree courses in yogshashtra in affiliation with KaviKulguru kalidas Sanskrit VishwaVidyalaya , Nagpur. Sadguru YogGurukul Samiti has produced hundreds of YogSadhaks Today over two thousand students including doctors, Engineers,Architectures, Teachers are pursuing these courses at Tapobhoomi and Specially organized classes at Perem, Keri in Sattari Taluka and and Margao in Salcete Taluka. Besides this, in association with and Shree Brahmanand Kirtan Brahmanand Sangeet Vidhyalaya conducts Kirtan, Traditional bhajan and Classical music classes. Sanskrit is being
taught from 1st Std. to 12th Sid. as one of the optional languages in various states at various levels for various numbers of marks.

There are about 5000 traditional Sanskrit Pathashalas at school level and
about 1000 Veda Pathashala in the country. Eight States have Sanskrit Secondary Education Board or
Directorate of Sanskrit Education and the rest of the states don’t have any. There is no Board for Veda
Pathashala.About 120 general Universities offer Sanskrit at UG and PG level. There are 15 Sanskrit
Universities.Though there are about 1000 traditional Sanskrit colleges affiliated to some of the above
mentioned Sanskrit Universities, many of the Sanskrit Universities are not empowered to affiliate colleges
and many of the states have no defined Authority to affiliate traditional Sanskrit colleges.There are 10
Sanskrit Academies, 16 Oriental Research Institutes, about 60 periodicals and magazines in Sanskrit and
about a hundred NGOs working for the popularization of Sanskrit.

Courses Offered by the Trust

  • Diploma in sanskrit language & philosophy, purva madhama, uttar madhama, BA, MA & other degree courses.
  • Diploma in Yog Shsatra, BA, MA & other degree courses.
  • Diploma in Sangeet Shsatra, BA, MA & other degree courses.
  • Diploma in Kirtan Shsatra, BA, MA & other degree courses.
  • Diploma in Jyotish Shsatra, BA, MA & other degree course.

Cost Estimates

Total estimated cost for Educational Project is 273.50 crores(INR). 

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