The conception of this project is to contrive a holy atmosphere for the Humankind and to make provisions for
human welfare. Through the help of this project model, the Trust intends to develop these hubs equipped with
intense spiritual and educational values, ethical principles which would further enhance as centers of care and
compassion for the society. The trust strives to provide people with all round spiritual raising and modern
healing centers.

OUR COMMITMENT – Ambition to serve Public:

The Trust is presently having more than an area of 50 acres land in State of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra
with it where it is planning to construct a model of the above. As soon as the same is created and tested, the
Trust shall strive to create at least 50 further such models at nearby places and replicate the same.


To be the most modern and up-to-date spiritual, Educational and healthcare place that combines the best
place for spreading spirituality to people to develop peace of mind with strong ethical principles for protection
and preservation of traditional Indian culture


We thrive to be an institution to devote people in saintliness also to provide people with all round spiritual
upbringing with gurukul style Education and modern healing centers through Bhakta-Niwas and


The motto of the Trust is to establish a Temples, Mutts with holy spirit to pledge people in holiness, The trust
wishes to lean many people in this holy spirit and get them through their worries and sorrow.
The trust wants to open Annakshetra that will give homely food to people and at no cost. The reason behind
this is to feed people and see them healthy.
The trust also wants to establish Care Centers with all inclusive treatment (Preventive and Curative). The
Trust proposes to create a life-line for not only in need of medical help, but also for all the people who are
affected due to inadequacy of proper social order.


Paramdham Gulduve Mutt

Shree Sushen Datta Mandir , Haturli Mutt

Om Siddha Brahmashram Mutt

Om Datta Brahmashram at Khanapur, Karnataka

Swami Sushenacharya Samadhi mandir at Satose, Maharashtra

Shree Datta Temple at Tapobhoomi, Goa

Sadguru Brahmanandacharya Swamiji Samadhi Mandir (Temple)

Annapurna Kshetra

Sant Niwas



Cost Estimates

Total estimated cost for Naturopathy Project is 619 crores(INR). 


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