Tulsi Vivah Pujan by women priests at the ‘Yatra Nariyastu Pujyante’ program at Tapobhoomi.

It is a matter of pride that the people of Goa are pronounced in the villages of Goa today through the Tapobhoomi Gurupeetha. A woman is the power for salvation of two clans. Therefore, the thoughts of the woman should be connected to the culture, religion. If a woman should treat another woman in her family with love, then this woman can serve the society even by maintaining her world. This was presented by Goa Police Superintendent Sunita Sawant.

Parents’ role is very important to maintain our culture It is the duty of women to protect culture. This was presented by Dipali Naik, the director of the Women and Child Welfare Department of the Goa Government.

The ceremony was attended by Adv. Bramhi deviji, the President of the Jagat Janani. Dipali Naik, Director of Women and Child Welfare Department of Goa Government, Sunita Sawant, Goa Police Superintendent, Dr. Sonia Kanekar, Ayush Medical Officer at Madkai Health Center, and Shri Datta Padmanabh Peeth Board of Directors.

Chairman of the Jagat Janani Brahmi Deviji welcomed the proposal and the anchoring was conducted by the female Purohit Chandrama Desai.

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