Mass Upanayana Sanskar Ceremony at Shri Kshetra Parandham Golduve Maharashtra

“One of the sixteen Samskars is the Upanayana Samskar. A mother takes her little baby to the guru and makes him inculcate moral rites in his intellect and the intellect is formed in a moral atmosphere. Society seems to be turning back to Vedic culture. Today Upanayan Sanskar is organized by bringing together children from different communities. Let us all resolve to bring Vedic Hinduism home to home and this is possible only when we imbibe these rites.” Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji addresed instructively.

Under the pious auspices of Pujya Swamiji and under the divine guidance of Sri Datta Padmanabh Peetha and Swami Brahmananda Vedic Gurukul and Research Institute, Mass Upanayan Sanskar ceremony was organized at Sadguru Sadanandacharya Swamiji Samadhi Sthana, Shri Kshetra Parandham Gulduve – Sawantwadi – Maharashtra. It was held on 28th May, Pujya Swamiji was addressing on the occasion.

Pujya Swamiji further said that “Sanatan Vedic Hinduism includes both rites and culture.This Sanatan Vedic culture can reach the world through rituals. Man is endowed with higher knowledge and attached to his emotions due to samskaras. Today society needs to coordinate devotion and intelligence. Not only knowledge is useful, but with knowledge, feelings in the heart, devotion to one’s country, religion, culture, parents, clan is important, so coordination of both devotion and knowledge – Rishimuni has told us.”

This Upanayan Sanskar ceremony was organized with the noble intention that the subjects of Vedic education, Sanskar, culture, religion should be rooted in the society, one can get knowledge from the Guru by performing Upanayan Sanskar, the heritage of Vedic culture can reach every house and the people can live a moral life.

The Mast.Arnav Savalaram Kaloji – Malewad, Mast. Vedanta Gopal Redkar – Malewad, Mast. Shubhankar Suryakant Varadkar – Sawantwadi, Mast. Pranav Vithoba Sawardekar – Valpai (Goa), Mast. Shantanu Jagdish Shirodkar – Malewad, Mast. Shreyas Gajanan Gawde – Torse Mop (Goa), Mast. Omkar Mahesh Godkar – Mandre (Goa), Mast. Charan Ghan: Shyam Bandivadekar – Sawantwadi was taken by a lucky batus.

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