Diwali, a festival in Hindu culture that brings eternal joy – Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya

Diwali, a festival of Hindu culture, is celebrated to bring joy and to connect with the divine light. It signifies moving from darkness towards radiant light. The message is to center oneself in the light of the soul, illuminating one’s own being. The Diwali festival conveys the idea that when our inner light shines, our existence becomes meaningful. Therefore, let us learn from the sages and illuminate our lives by realizing the inner light. This message was conveyed by Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth Peethadhishwar Padmashree Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji.

On the occasion of Diwali, a special Deepotsav event was celebrated with enthusiasm at Shree Kshetra Tapobhoomi Gurupeeth.  On this occasion, Pujya Swamiji   addressed the gathering with divine blessings.

Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya  Swamiji works towards preserving the culture through various initiatives, bringing the community together, and uniting society under one thread. Swamijis commitment to binding society in a common bond is inspiring to all. This statement was conveyed by the Chief Editor of Daily Gomantak, Raju Nayak.

The Deepotsav program showcased with the traditional delicacies and a unique blend of respect and hospitality, making it a memorable event for everyone. In this context, Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth’s Director Ad. Brahmi Deviji, the Chief Editor of Daily Gomantak, Raju Nayak, Officials of the Sikh Gurudwara Sunny Singh, and other dignitaries were present. This program  was anchored by Shri Sriraj Shelar.

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