Brief info
His Holiness Sadguru Brahmeshanandacharya Swamiji is Internationally acclaimed spiritual master Peace Leader of masses for world fraternity Harbinger of unity, solidarity and harmony Interfaith leader, Speaker and social reformer Interfaith relationship collaborator International Speaker and spiritual orator

Sadguru is Founder Head of International Sadguru Foundation working worldwide for Uniting world as one big family for World Peace & Harmony.

Sadguru is the Present  Peethadhishwar which is the supreme Authority of Organization called Shree Datta Padmanabh Peeth Goa –India,  having thousands of years immortal Guru Shishya Parampara which means the master – Disciple Tradition.

H.H.Sadguruji is a divine personality with charisma Committed to world peace Excellence, perfection most valued assets of Indian ethos and cultural heritage patron, promoting world as one family “Vasudhaiva  Kutumbakam” linking the US to U.K. To China, Sri Lanka, Italy, Rome, Dubai, UAE, Germany, and India together, in appreciation all these countries have bestowed upon Swamiji various titles and awards such as,


  • International Honorary Director of Asian Arab chamber of Commerce –UAE.Senior
  • Counselor of Experts Consultation Committee of China Association for 2018 world SME Confernce at China.


  • Surya Chandra Yogashram – Italy Rome


  • Global Yog Alliance
  • Youth Chambers of Commerce Dubai, UAE.
  • World Peace Development & Research Foundation.
  • International Film & Television Club.


  • “Ambassador of Peace” Award in British Parliament-UK.
  • “Spiritual Excellence” Arab Award by Asian Chamber Of Commerce – UAE.
  • “Interfaith Leadership” Award by World Yoga Community -USA.
  • “Vishwa Shanti Padmam” Award by Lotus of World Peace – New York.
  • “International Peace Promoter” by Mahabodhi Society – Sri Lanka.
  • “National Ngo Excellence” Award by Mahez Foundation –India.
  • “Yog Master” Award by  Sadhana International Yoga – China.
  • “Certificate of appreciation” by Layali -Dubai.
  • “Certificate Medal of Honor Excellence” by Confedreration of Inernational Accreditation Commission  in 5th International Education Forum – Delhi.
  • “Global Peace Promoter” Award by Devashram Trust – UP.
  • “Dharmabhushan” Award by All India Saint Organization – India.


  • Satguru Foundation
  • Sadguru Dnyanpeeth
  • Sadguru Yog Gurukul
  • Goa Sanskrit Academy
  • The Hindu Legal Forum
  • Sadguru Youth Federation
  • Jatved Communications Pvt. Ltd.
  • International Sadguru Foundation
  • International Sadguru Gurukulam
  • Swami Brahmanand  Vedic Gurukul & Research Institute
  • Swami Brahmanand Sanskrit Prabodhini
  • P.P. Padmanabh Shishya Sampradaya Trust.

H.H. Sadguruji is the most perfect educationist, Yog master, Sanskrit Scholar, social leader, humanitarian, philanthropist & Vedic Researcher.

H.H. Sadguruji’s Divine work was rightly acknowledged by the All Indian Saints Associations and Prominent Shankaracharyas, Mahamandaleshwars and other Saints from all over India and Conferred upon Swamiji the Divine Title “DHARMBHUSHAN”.

H.H.Sadguruji administers and guides various organizations and alliances for a sustainable living considering the basic values of human life. Most sought after counselor and speaker on the Global scenario in entrepreneurship, guiding many business houses world over.

H.H. Sadguruji is versatile youth icon in various fronts and fields viz entertainment, research, world peace, Yoga, unity, and led peace dialogues across various platforms Internationally.

His Holiness Sadguruji’s International Endeavour Includes Events in Singapore, London, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, UAE, China etc. International events like Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam held at Dubai, Italy Rome, to diversify our Vedic Sanatan Culture to different parts of the World.

H.H.Sadguruji  has been invited as Guest of Honour by Various Inter-Religious Peace Meets as a peace Messenger. H.H.Sadguruji  was a Peace Convener for Hindu Buddhist Congregations in Colombo Sri Lanka. H.H.Sadguruji has equal regards for all faiths.

Recently H.H.Sadguruji’s divine humanitarian work has been taken into Cognizance  in British Parliament and has been awarded the title “AMBASSADOR OF PEACE” by Representative Member of    Parliament Mr. Bob Blackman at the

house of Commons, United Kingdom.

H.H.Sadguruji  is Source of Inspiration for Youths & it is Dream of His Holiness to Transform & Reinstate Spiritual & Indian Rich  Ancient Cultural Heritage World Wide.

As Ambassador of Peace H.H.Sadguruji wants to deliver the message of Unity & Universal Integrity. H.H.Sadguruji has dedicated life for Uniting World as one Family “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM”.